We must create more affordable housing, protect the rights of tenants, and make sure development in our community benefits everyone, not just wealthy developers. We need massive investments in public and affordable housing to ensure adequate levels of affordable housing in diverse areas. These units must be built in areas where there is strong access to resources, transportation, capital and jobs. By providing greater financial and social incentives to home-ownership, subsidy and resources for communities to become buyers in community land trusts, we can provide strategies and policies that increase standards of living across the board.

Currently there is a pre-emption law in the state that limits Minneapolis’ ability to set rent control measures. This is something I would like to see changed, as our neighborhoods become increasingly unlivable as rents increase. This is essential to our district, as renters make up a majority of our district. We need to allocate more state funds to revitalize affordable housing, create new units, and to protect naturally occurring units.