Minnesota must be a state that welcomes the immigrants, refugees and new residents that make our communities vibrant and strong. Yet we currently have the worst racial disparities in the country when it comes to education, employment, housing and incarceration rates.

I will be a voice and a fighter for new residents like myself, and to work to make our district a safe place for people of all backgrounds.

Equality in pay and in the workplace are issues that affect all Minnesota women, and we need strong voices in the state legislature to address them head on. We need to fight for equal pay for women, because there is no reason why a woman today should be making less than their male counterpart.

Residents of color are over policed, resulting in reduced access to a myriad of rights and increased consequences due to higher rates of incarceration. We need police force that involves community oversight measures and greater police accountability, and more officers in the MPD who come from our communities and look like our residents and neighbors. A civilian oversight commission that actually has a say in providing disciplinary action to police officers, and a registry that more effectively tracks infractions by police should be central to changing conceptions on how to stop police brutality before it happens.

Policies I want to implemented:

  • Expand community policing with more police officers coming from the communities that they are intended to serve.
  • End preemption of civilian oversight of police and residency requirements, in order to make sure more police come from our communities and that we have the ability to address infractions and negligence from our policing bodies as municipalities.
  • A civilian oversight committee could help to track police misconduct, and provide a public structure with stronger remedies for police discipline.
  • Promote better training programs for de-escalation and cultural competence for our police officers.