We need a universal single payer health care system in the state that will support all residents regardless of income, and we need to stop giving tax breaks to corporations while people suffer.

Healthcare is basic human right, and access to strong mental and chemical health is key as we lift up at risk communities and remove stigma from these kinds of treatments.  We need to better fund and educate around mental illness.

We need more transparent services, greater focus on these preventative care and mental health measures, and we need to address price swings between health care providers for similar procedures. Providing people with the most transparent health care services we can offer in Minnesota is what we need in order to deliver access, cost savings and effective patient specific care.

Greater focus on harm reduction methods to save lives and to help people with addiction is something that we need to integrate into community health measures. This is going to be central to any continuing debate on the opioid epidemic ravaging the State and the Country, and I will be a strong advocate for this.